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Examiners' Reports July 2016 Examination


(AA11) Financial Accounting Basics-Sin

(AA11) Financial Accounting Basics-Eng

(AA11) Financial Accounting Basics-Tam

(AA12) Quantitative Methods for Business-Sin

(AA12) Quantitative Methods for Business-Eng

(AA12) Quantitative Methods for Business-Tam

(AA13) Economics for Business and Accounting-Sin

(AA13) Economics for Business and Accounting-Eng

(AA13) Economics for Business and Accounting-Tam

(AA15) Business Operations and Management-Sin

(AA15) Business Operations and Management-Eng

(AA15) Business Operations and Management-Tam


(AA21) Advanced Financial Accounting-Sin

(AA21) Advanced Financial Accounting-Eng

(AA21) Advanced Financial Accounting-Tam

(AA22) Cost Accounting and Reporting-Sin

(AA22) Cost Accounting and Reporting-Eng

(AA22) Cost Accounting and Reporting-Tam

(AA25) Business Law and Ethics-Sin

(AA25) Business Law and Ethics-Eng

(AA25) Business Law and Ethics-Tam

(AA26) Business Management and Strategy-Sin

(AA26) Business Management and Strategy-Eng

(AA26) Business Management and Strategy-Tam


(AA31) Financial Accounting and Reporting-Sin

(AA31) Financial Accounting and Reporting-Eng

(AA31) Financial Accounting and Reporting-Tam

(AA32) Management Accounting and Finance-Sin

(AA32) Management Accounting and Finance-Eng

(AA32) Management Accounting and Finance-Tam

(AA34) Processes, Controls and Audit-Sin

(AA34) Processes, Controls and Audit-Eng

(AA34) Processes, Controls and Audit-Tam

(AA35) Corporate and Personal Taxation-Sin

(AA35) Corporate and Personal Taxation-Eng

(AA35) Corporate and Personal Taxation-Tam

Talent Capstone

(SS1) Effective Communication Skills-Eng

(SS2) Information Technology Skills-Sin

(SS2) Information Technology Skills-Eng

(SS2) Information Technology Skills-Tam

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