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As a Passed Finalist, CA Sri Lanka exempts you from all subjects at the Executive Level I and from One Subject at the Executive Level II.

Executive Level I

  • KE 1 - Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • KE 3a - Fundamentals of Taxation
  • KE 5 - Commercial Insight for Management

Executive Level II

  • KE 3b - Fundamentals of Law

B.Sc. Applied Accounting (General Degree)

  • Passed Finalists are exempted from 10 courses out of 34 courses.

Passed Finalists of AAT Sri Lanka are eligible for full exemption from the CIMA Certificate Level and the following three subjects from the Operational Level, upon successful completion of a designated program introduced by CIMA.

  • E1 Organizational Management
  • P1 Management Accounting
  • F1 Financial Reporting & Taxation

Students are also able to apply for the Operational Level case study.

Passed Finalists are eligible for exemptions from the following 03 subjects of the ACCA Knowledge Module and one subject of the skill module.

  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting and,
  • F7 Financial accounting subject at skill module will be exempted for the students who will become passed finalists from January 2018 examination

Passed Finalists of AAT Sri Lanka are eligible for exemption from all the subjects at Foundation Level and three subjects at Operational Level.

Foundation Level

  • FL 1 - Management Accounting Fundamentals
  • FL 2 - Financial Accounting & Finance Fundam
  • FL 3 - Fundamentals of Management & Economics
  • FL 4 - Quantitative Methods for Business
  • FL 5 - Business English I

Operational Level

  • OL 2 - Advanced Financial Accounting & Finance
  • OL 4 - Commercial Law and Taxation
  • OL 5 - Business English II

The members of AAT Sri Lanka are eligible to obtain the membership of Institute of Public Accounts (IPA) of Australia and Institute of Financial Accountants in the United kingdom

The Passed FInalists of AAT Sri Lanka are eligible to obtain complete exemption from the 1st year of Higher Diploma in Accounting an Finance (HDAF) Program out of three years.

Passed Finalists can receive their Diploma in Purchasing & Materials Management Enrolment with an exemption from the Certificate in Purchasing & Materials Management.

Passed Finalists can register for the Professional Qualification in HRM with exemption from CCHRM.

Diploma Level - I Exemption from the subject “Accounting”.

Education (SLIATE) / Technical Colleges in Sri Lanka - All Passed Finalists are eligible to register for the HNDA Course with 1st year exemption.

Universities - Sri Lanka

The members of AAT with minimum of one year work experience;

  • At executive / managerial level is eligible for the admission to Master of Business Administration Programme
  • Related to Economics as acceptable to the Senate is eligible to registration for Master of Arts in Economics Programme

As an AAT Passed Finalist, you are eligible to apply for the registration of following External Degrees:

  • B. Com.
  • B. Sc. - Business Administration
  • B. Sc. - Public Administration

Passed Finalists are eligible for registration for the Executive Diploma in Business Administration.

Passed Finalists are eligible to register for the BA (General / Special) external degree.

Passed Finalists are eligible to apply for the selection examination of:

Diploma in Management

Universities - Foreign

Once upon successfully completion of the evaluation made on the interview and obtaining successful grade in the English Test, Passed Finalist of AAT Sri Lanka who are having industry experience of minimum 3 months are eligible for first year exemption from BA [Hons] Degree in Professional Accounting out of three years.

As a Passed finalist of AAT Sri Lanka, you are eligible to enter Level Four (second year) of BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance Programme, subject to:

  • Completing the entire AAT Programme in English


  • Satisfying the English Language requirements of Northumbria University.
  • Payment of the appropriate fee.
  • Students who have registered and successfully completed the above programme will be awarded the degree of BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance.

AA2 level Intermediate / Stage II Passed Students - Registration for the Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) Degree (internal) at the University of Wollongong.