Online Registration

Online payment facility for those planning to apply for AAT student registration

We understand that there are some students who have been following AAT classes / doing self studies but could not make the payment for AAT registration specially under the prevailing situation in the country caused by the Corona Virus pandemic. Taking this situation in to consideration where you are unable to visit the bank and make the registration payment, we have decided to accept student registration payments online via made using a credit card (Master or Visa card). Therefore, we highly expect that you would avail of this facility and do the needful in applying for your student registration with AAT.

Steps of making the online payment

Step 1

  • Follow the below link for online payment

Step 2

  • Select "Registration Application No." from "Account type" drop down.

Step 3

  • CORRECTLY type the student Application Number of 8 digits starting from 11 printed on the top right hand corner of the student registration application (hard copy) which is there in the Student Guide that you have already purchased. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP and therefore please make sure that you  write this exactly as printed on the registration application (all 8 digits should be mentioned correctly). If you do not write this correctly, your payment will be credited to someone else's account which cannot be corrected subsequently.

Step 4

  • Fill all the other required fields on the online payment interface without fail.
    • You can mention "student registration fee" under the field "Pay for".
    • Any other information you want to mention can be typed under the field "Message" if necessary.
    • If you are a school student, the amount payable is Rs. 2,500/=. If you are a non-school student, the amount payable is Rs. 3,000/=.
    • Verify that you are not a robot by ticking off " I'm not a robot" check box.

Step 5

  • After submitting all the necessary details, click on "Send" and then you will be directed to the payment interface. Now you can enter your credit card details and complete your online payment.

Step 6

  • Once your transaction is complete, you will receive an online receipt. Please keep a screen shot of this receipt.

Steps of sending the registration application along with online payment receipt
Considering the restrictions in posting the originals of the student registration application and the supporting documents under the prevailing situation, you can send the said documents via email. After making the payment online, you can email the scanned or photographed originals of your registration application and the supporting documents to

Documents to be attached

  • Front side of the registration application
  • O/L or A/L result sheet (NOT APPLICABLE for those who have done O/L in 2019)
  • Birth Certificate (both sides)
  • NIC (both sides as applicable)
  • Screenshot of online payment receipt

Special note: When scanning or photographing the originals, please ensure that they are clear and legible. One of your photographs should be pasted on the registration application and the other should be emailed as an attachment.

Should you require any clarification in this regard, you may contact AAT on WhatsApp / Viber 0777 559 669 or inbox us