AAT Job Bank

AAT Job Bank is a platform administered and operated by Education and Training division of AAT Sri Lanka to fulfill the training / employment needs of Job seekers (I.e. Anyone who is registered with AAT and maintain the Active status as a Student / Member) and the talent needs of Recruiters (Private Sector Corporates, Practicing Firms, Small and Medium Companies and Government organizations etc.)

  • If you are looking for a Job /Career advancement / Training opportunity (I.e. If you are a Job Seeker),
    • It is required for you to be registered with AAT Sri Lanka as a Student /Passed Finalist / Member. Also you are required to maintain the Active status of your AAT Studentship or Membership (I.e. it is required for you to have renewed your studentship/membership annually)

    How to register with AAT Job Bank as a Job Seeker?

    Prepare you CV using the CV template provided below and send your CV to jobbank@aatsl.lk (You are advised to resubmit the updated CV prepared in the below template if you were not selected to any vacancy within a period of 3 months.)

    Download CV

  • If you are a recruiter / employer who is looking for talent to fill vacancies in your organization

    Write to us at jobbank@aatsl.lk or call us on 0112 559 669 (Extensions 210 or 211)