Vision and Mission

To be the Most Recognized Mid-Level Accounting and Business Qualification.

To equip our students and members with the knowledge, skills, attitude and mindset to become best-in-class mid-level accounting and business professionals who add value to the corporate world while succeeding in their career and personal lives, via a robust curriculum, empowered and passionate staff who work in a digitally enabled working environment and a network of well equipped accredited education centers, while adhering to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.


  • Integrity
    To be Straight forward and honest
  • Professionalism
    Maintain high professional standards at all times
  • Adaptability
    Ready to change to suit the context
  • Customer-centric
    We make every decision based on how well it serves our Students and Members
  • Passion
    Devoted and enthusiastic for excellence
  • Teamwork
    One team who trust each other