Online Exemption Payment

Online payment facility for Student Exemptions Payment

Student exemption payment can be made online via using a credit card (Master or Visa card).

Kindly note that only the students with active studentship for the year in which the exemption applied for, can apply for exemptions. Kindly contact AAT Sri Lanka (0112 559 669 / 0112 595 857) and check whether your studentship is active.

If your studentship is inactive, you can make the student renewal payment online. Please use the link for online renewal instructions -

Steps of making the online payment

Step 1

  • Follow the below link for online payment

Step 2

  • Select "Student Reg No." from "Account type" drop down.

Step 3

  • Type 33 followed by your Student Registration Number of 7 digits CORRECTLY. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP and therefore please make sure that you type this without any mistake. If you do not type this correctly, your payment will be credited to someone else's account which cannot be corrected subsequently. If you don’t know the 7 digit student registration number, please call AAT on 0112 559 669 or email to / and get the number.

Step 4

  • Fill all the other required fields on the online payment interface without fail.
    • You can mention "student exemption payment" under the field "Pay for".
    • Any other information you want to mention can be typed (qualification/s from which you are applying exemptions etc) under the field "Message" if necessary.
    • Verify that you are not a robot by ticking off " I'm not a robot" check box.

Step 5

  • After submitting all the necessary details, click on "Send" and then you will be directed to the payment interface. Now you can enter your credit card details and complete your online payment.

Step 6

  • Once your transaction is complete, you will receive an online receipt. Please attach a printout of it along with the duly filled exemption application and other documents as specified in the exemption application.

Please keep a screen shot/copy of the transaction receipt for your future reference.